What I’m Loving {May 20, 2014}

I’m loving that Dunkin Donuts is doing their 99 cent medium iced coffees again this summer! I’m still addicted.

I’m loving that 2TimYM has found it’s new permanent place to meet at. It’s been a long road, and there are a lot more hurdles still coming, but it was a really awesome night for our leadership team last week as we finally set foot in our new space. God is good.


I’m loving Dancing With The Stars – particularly the Disney night they did this season. Even though I’m not a fan of contemporary dances, the dance to Let It Go from Frozen was probably the best of the evening. And Derek Hough as Prince Charming? I can just imagine what the Twitterverse must have been like during that episode. And I’m thrilled with who ended up winning this season!

I’m loving slider puzzles…as strange as that sounds. On last week’s Survivor episode Spencer solved a 15 square slider puzzle ridiculously fast and it made me realize that there has to be a systematic way to solve them. When I was a kid I would get really frustrated with them and give up too easily. After the episode last week I read a couple of things online and now I’ve gotten to the point where I can solve this one in 2 minutes. Maybe I’ll tackle rubik cubes someday. ;)

I’m loving all of the season finales for my favorite reality shows this week! DWTS last night, Survivor today and Amazing Race is on my TiVo. It’ll be sad to see them all come to an end, but it makes for a fun week of trying to keep up with my TiVo.

I’m loving traveling for work. I only do it about once every three weeks, and it’s always just for 48 hours at a time, but I enjoy getting out of the office, I enjoy interacting with my coworkers at headquarters, and I enjoy racking up the Marriott reward points. Plus I’m getting pretty good at dashing through DFW in heels as we rush to make our plane after an afternoon meeting. ;)

I’m loving graduation season. Not so much the long graduation speeches and all that jazz, but I’m enjoying celebrating this year’s crop of graduates. Most weekends now consist of checking the calendar and mapping out which order the open houses are in and hopping from one to the next.

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