What I’m Loving – August 2014


+ I’m loving Phoenix monsoons +

We’ve had a couple of crazy ones recently and we had a huge one over the weekend about two weeks ago where I got to enjoy the massive amount of rain from the comfort of my home. The only thing I wish we’d had more of this summer was some thunder. We did have a little bit this week, plus I woke up to the sound of rain pounding on my roof one of the mornings so I can’t complain.

+ I’m loving gelato scented candles +

I’ve had two of these candles from Bath & Body Works for awhile, but I’m now down to just one and I’m hoarding it since B&BW doesn’t carry it during the winter. It makes my whole bedroom smell good even when I haven’t burned it recently.

+ I’m loving Flipping the Block +

Since most TV shows have been on hiatus over the summer I’ve started watching HGTV to make up for the void on my TiVo. I get really excited on Sunday nights when a new episode of Flipping the Block is on. Basically, it’s a show where they take 4 apartments (that make up one complex) and it’s a competition to see who can do the best job flipping them. They do one room each week and at the end of the season the winner will be based off of who makes the biggest profit on their flip. The home renovation combined with reality TV competition makes it fun to watch.

+ I’m loving planning my trip to Europe! +

Between booking an Airbnb apartment and a rental car, I’ve got some plans firmed up and lots of tentative ideas. And just thinking about Europe makes me happy.

+ I’m loving that I survived my first pager rotation at work +

It was a sleep deprived week, but for some reason it makes me feel really accomplished and proud of myself. Plus, I worked so many extra hours that I’m getting an extra comp day that I’m going to be able to use to extend my Europe trip by one day!

+ I’m loving that I finally got my MLB stadium page created +

I wanted a central place to track all of the stadiums I’ve visited and creating a page on this blog has been on my to-do list for a long, long time. I’m also pretty excited about the images I created. You can check the new page out here.


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