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Uber – My Experience with the Ride Share System

Any Uber fans out there? I’ve recently become a huge fan of the service! As if my Airbnb addiction wasn’t bad enough already I’m jumping on the sharing wagon even more and using Uber constantly.

In case you haven’t heard of Uber it’s a ride sharing system where you request a car from your phone via their app. Think taxi on demand except cheaper than traditional taxis. Sometimes the drivers are part of professional taxi type companies and sometimes they’re an average person trying to make a little extra money on the weekends. I’ve experienced both and I really enjoy hearing the driver’s stories about how they became an Uber driver.

Uber is fantastic to use when traveling. When I flew to Indy I needed to get from the airport to downtown but my flight landed at 1 AM and the shuttle wasn’t running at that time. My only options were to take a taxi or take an Uber and the price of an Uber made the decision an easy one. I’ve also used Uber at home as well but more on that in a minute!

Is it safe?

I’ve had a lot of friends ask me if I feel safe taking an Uber and I always respond that I’ve never had a ride where I didn’t feel completely safe. I know that Uber has a strict background check process and that their business relies on people having good experiences with the system. As a girl who travels alone quite frequently I’ve always felt completely safe with the Uber rides that I’ve had.

What I love about it

I love that you get to rate every driver you ride with. I’ve heard that Uber will revoke drivers who don’t maintain top notch ratings and I’ve never had a driver with less than a 4.7 (out of 5) rating.

I’ve used Uber for rides to and from the airport (some airports won’t let Uber operate but most of them do now) and most recently to get to and from my car guys’ house. Last week I dropped my car off with my car guy late at night and my sister picked me up and drove me home. The next afternoon when my car was ready I took an Uber to go pick up my car. The ride only cost $6.25 and was so much easier than trying to find a friend who could squeeze time out of the middle of their day to take me back to my car. Now that I’ve been able to utilize Uber for more than just travel needs I’ve become even more addicted to it.


I love that the app shows you exactly where your driver is and how far away they are. Not only do you know what they look like and what type of car they’re driving, you can pinpoint exactly where they are. And if there’s any problems with them finding you they have the ability to call you (with phone numbers masked) to help sort things out. In fact, most drivers who have picked me up at an airport usually call first to make sure that I know where to go so that they can pick me up.

I don’t have any screenshots of what it looks like once you’ve requested a ride and your driver is on the way but next time I take an Uber I’ll try to grab some and update this post with ’em!

Another thing I love is that the whole process is cashless. I very rarely keep much cash in my purse so I love that every time I take an Uber ride it automatically gets billed to my credit card. The drivers never have to ask for payment or wait around to settle up after they get you to your destination. And I never have to worry about how much money I have on me or paying an extra fee for wanting to use a credit card. Perfect for someone like me.

My one mistake

One thing I did really kick myself about was the fact that I signed up for an Uber account without using a referral code from someone. Similar to an Airbnb referral link (new Airbnb users get $20 off their first stay when they use one) Uber offers the same deal. If you sign up using an Uber referral link from someone you automatically get $20 (update: now $15) off your first ride. I was kicking myself over the fact that my first Uber ride (from an airport to a hotel) cost $22.75 and I paid for the whole thing when I could have signed up using a referral link and would have paid only $2.75 for my first ride. Sad day!

Most rides will be free with that referral code so be sure to take advantage of it! If you need a referral link feel free to use mine >>>> (or if you’ve already created an account but haven’t taken your first ride yet you can use promo code “melindam135” to get the same discount)

Uber – My Experience with the Ride Share System

In summary, I always highly recommend to people that they give Uber a try if they haven’t already used it! You just might become addicted to it like I am. And I have yet to try Lyft but I plan to try it on my next trip so that I can compare the two companies!

I’d love to hear from you guys! Anyone else use Uber? What do you think of the service? Anyone prefer Uber or Lyft over the other?

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