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    Philadelphia/Baltimore – Part 2

    You can read Part 1 here.

    Day 3 of my trip started out with sleeping in a little bit because hey, this was a vacation after all! Before packing up my stuff and getting ready to meet up with my friend Danny who was driving up from Baltimore. Danny still drives the same Honda Civic that he’s had since before he and I became friends in college. That little thing is still going…gotta love those Civics. Except for the fact that the charger thing didn’t work, which is no bueno when you have a smartphone and plan to use GPS, but such is life.

    I’m a fan of visiting colleges when I go to different cities, and visiting Penn was my first time visiting an Ivy league school. I liked the campus and the buildings were gorgeous. One thing that I’ve learned is that I enjoy visiting colleges that have a large student union or general “hub” on campus rather than ones with spread out dining halls and all inclusive living areas. Since Penn didn’t have a main student union (that we found) it didn’t really feel like we got a feel for what life is like on campus.

    Now…when in Philadelphia what else do you do for lunch besides go get a cheesesteak? We went to the famous Pat’s/Geno’s location but went to Pat’s based on a recommendation. And I have to say, I’m thankful that I wasn’t driving and that Danny was. I love walking around Philly, and I love road trip driving, but I wouldn’t ever want to drive those streets.
    The cheesesteak was quite tasty, and I loved the fries even more. This time around I got american cheese instead of “wiz” and I think I like that way a lot better. I’m officially a cheesesteak fan.
    Next up on the agenda was visiting Eastern State Penitentiary. I read about it on Trip Advisor and I’d already seen it from the tour bus, so that’s how I came across the idea. I’m really glad we went, it was an interesting place to visit that had a lot of history but was definitely unique from any of the other sights in Philly.
    At this point in the day you could see the gray clouds arriving. Rain was imminent. We used my dying phone to locate a Starbucks and went there to charge my phone for a bit while we debated whether or not the Phillies game was going to get rained out. Those of you who have already read my stadium update post know how this story turns out.

    Sunday was spent in Baltimore and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. After going to Danny’s church, and a stop at Five Guys for lunch, we went to our second baseball stadium in 24 hours. Perfect day for a baseball game and a perfect end to a great trip!