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    MLB Stadium #15 – Wrigley Field

    I officially hit the halfway mark in my quest to visit every MLB stadium! I’m pretty excited that the stadium marking this momentous occasion was the ever classic ballpark Wrigley Field.

    Wrigley Field

    And what made the whole occasion even more fun was the fact that I was able to go to the game with a huge Cubs fan. Similarly to when I visited Fenway the crowd was really amazing compared to your average ballpark crowd. These fans care about their game, they care about the sport, and they love their traditions.

    The day of the game started out overcast so I was initially worried that the rain might pose a problem. In the end it was sunny for the entire game. So sunny in fact that I got a pretty bad sunburn from the whole experience since I managed to forget my sunscreen in my suitcase that I left at the hotel. No bueno.


    Massive sunburn aside, I went to the game with my friend Allie who I met in college through a mutual friend. She lives in Chicago and has season tickets in the bleachers. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t like the bleacher seats but I was pleasantly surprised! Bleacher fans are like no others and I really enjoyed my time out there with them. And despite everything I’d read online apparently you can use your bleacher ticket to get into the main part of the ballpark and walk around if you want to.


    I was able to buy a mini deep dish pizza (Giordano’s) while at the game so that was a very Chicago aspect of the stadium. Chicago knows how to do food well!

    Something that I’d never seen before were all the buildings around the ballpark having their own bleachers and selling tickets. It turns out that another friend of mine was actually on one of those roofs because someone was getting married up there that afternoon. Talk about being a Cubs fan!



    I’m so excited that I finally made it out to Chicago during baseball season to cross these two stadiums off my list. Wrigley Field is up there on my list of favorites. And a big thanks to Allie for letting me go to the game with her!


    15 down, 15 to go (actually it’s now down to 14 – more on that soon)!

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