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    Gift Guide for Someone Who Has Everything

    We all have that person on our list. The person who has everything and even if there was something they might not have…they’ll probably just buy it themselves anyway. The average gift guide just doesn’t cut it and we have to get a bit more creative when it comes to these people.

    Here are a few ideas, big and small, for those people who are just plain hard to shop for.


    Gift Guide for Someone Who Has Everything

    + Amazon prime – I use my Amazon Prime account constantly. Who doesn’t? And who wouldn’t love to have their Prime paid for a year? This one is also something that can easily be sent online or purchased the night before an event for those last minute procrastinators. Here’s a link that takes you directly to a page that allows you to send it as a gift.

    + A mug with goodies inside – You can get a bit creative with this one. Do they love coffee? Fill the mug with Starbucks via packets. Do they love movies? Put movie vouchers inside. Or put a giftcard to a restaurant and tell them that you’re taking them on a date. The mug itself can also be tailored to match them.

    + Hair ties – This is a small one but a great universal option that will work for all but the shortest of hair girls. Hair ties are essential and who doesn’t love some cute ones instead of the standard old ones we use everyday? Here are some cute and cheap ones from Target or you could go the Etsy route and pick custom colors here.

    + Netflix giftcard – If you have a friend who is a Netflix addict then why not pay for a couple of months for them by getting them a giftcard?

    + Make a donation in their name – This is by far my favorite thing on the list. If someone already has everything they need then often the best bet is giving them a bit of your time and then putting your money towards something worth supporting.

    Some organizations I recommend

    + World Vision – World Vision has a gift catalog that you can find here. Want to donate a goat? Or help provide clean water?

    + Compassion International – I support a child through CI and I also love the Future Leader university education initiative they have. They also have a gift catalog and you can find their gift catalog here. I keep checking out their Life Skills gifts because I love supporting those kinds of things.

    + AWANA – This is an organization that is personally significant for me so that’s why it’s on my list. You might have another organization that means something special to you or the person you’re giving the gift for so think creatively. If you want to give a gift to help AWANA reach kids with the gospel then you can do so here. You can also specify a region (say Arizona) that you want the money to go to. That could work out well if you’re giving it for someone who lives in another state.

    + e3 Partners – e3 is a missions organization that I partnered with when I went on my mission trip to Costa Rica a few years back. They’re also the organization behind the I Am Second movement. You can rest assured that any funds sent their way will be used to positively impact the kingdom of God. Donate here.

    + Opportunity International – OI is a microfinance organization that has a lot of cool initiatives. Check out some of them and get involved here.


    Regardless of what you give the people on your list I think the most important thing is making it personal. My new favorite way to do that is making custom cards instead of buying standard ones. Treat (it’s a Shutterfly site) allows you to make one custom card at a time instead of requiring you to order a whole set of them.

    If you’re buying an online giftcard or making a donation for an out of town person then using a service like this that can mail the custom card directly to them would be a great way to give it to them. I’m also planning on ordering a few and having them shipped to me so that I can put them on my family member’s gifts. That way they not only get the gift but also a new picture to put up on their fridge.
    Hopefully this list helped you come up with some ideas for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list! If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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