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    Easy Graduation Gift

    It’s hard to believe that graduation season is almost upon us! With Easter being earlier this year I feel like everyone is looking toward the end of the school year even earlier than normal. And with the end of the semester comes the onslaught of graduation announcements. For anyone with a highschooler or college student in their life (or for those of us who work with them) you’ll be well familiar with this experience. From mapping out which party or ceremony is which night to attending two open houses in the same evening it can be a crazy season.

    Last year was a big graduation year for me because I was saying goodbye to the class of students that I’d worked with for the last five years. For just that group I was going to need eight graduation gifts and I knew I wanted to get all of them the same thing. I ended up giving a slight variation to the boy’s gifts but kept them in the same genre.

    And after how well they were received last year I’m pretty sure this is the gift I’m going to give to every grad from here on out because it’s just so simple and easy to do. It’s more fun that a card with a gift card stuck inside and it’s really practical for college freshman – either for their dorm rooms or for those who commute to school.

    Easy Graduation Gift

    I ended up buying these tumblers from Amazon because the price was right (and they had purple which I wanted since more than half the grads were planning to go to a university where purple is the school color) but there are plenty of options at places like Walmart as well. I avoided buying them from the dollar store simply because the ones there felt really cheap and I knew they wouldn’t last very long.

    At the dollar store I did buy the crinkle/shredded basket filler stuff. I ended up buying a white package and a purple package and mixing them together because I thought it looked prettier that way. I also bought a Starbucks gift card and stuck it inside at the top of the crinkle filling. In 2014 Starbucks had really cool “2014” gift cards and I think it’s fun to buy a graduation specific card.

    I also found really cute little gift tags (I think they were a pack of 12 for $1) at the dollar store and tied those to the straws. And then I was done! It was that simple. No gift wrap needed and it took all of five minutes to assemble all of them.

    Easy Graduation Gift

    I decided to buy the two boys water bottles instead since I knew they would probably use them (we have the students use them at camp each year) and I tied a Chipotle gift card to theirs. There are a lot of variations you could do with the same idea. You could also add other items along with a gift card (chapstick, nail polish, movie tickets, etc).

    Every grad that I gave one of these was thrilled by it and I saw them using the tumblers later on. They were also thrilled to have money to splurge at Starbucks.

    So that’s my easy graduation gift idea! If you have any other fun ideas I’d love to hear them – leave a comment and tell me about them!

    Easy Graduation Gift