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    7 Fantastic Books for Photography Inspiration

    Whether you use a smartphone to snap your pictures or if you switch between it and a DSLR, chances are you enjoy capturing that perfect shot. If you’re like me you probably wish you were better at photography and have a hard time  balancing learning more about the technical aspects with finding the inspiration or the eye for the perfect picture.

    As I’ve been exploring photography more I’ve been soaking up all the useful information I’ve found online via Pinterest and I’ve recently started seeking out some books from the library. In the past all of the books I’ve found have been highly technical. Words like aperture, focal length, and file compression are common in most of the books that I’ve read. But then one day at the library I randomly discovered a whole section of wonderful books that are a beautiful marriage of technical information with inspiration and advice for even the most basic photographer.


    I’ve enjoyed reading these books as a blogger, and as someone who uses social media regularly, and as a wanna-be photographer. Since I was unaware of all of these amazing books until just recently I thought I’d share them here since I think that a lot of others will enjoy these books as well. Happy reading!

    Click on any of the images to find out more info about the book.

    This book ended up being my favorite of the bunch. It’s a pretty basic book and spends a bit too much time going over what various social media options are available but I liked that it was easy to read through. It also has an entire section that highlights some fantastic photographer and includes tips from them.
    At first I was a bit turned off by the title of this book. I’m not a fan of how social media can end up being a highlight reel of our lives instead of reality. But I’m glad that I ended up opening this book because it turned out to be one of my favorites. It covers the basic types of cameras and then delves into the basics of what makes a good picture. And then from there each chapter focuses on a different kind of photography (food, kids, travel) and highlights someone in that area. My favorite chapter was obviously the one on travel that was done by a travel blogger! ;)
     This book focuses on learning how to take your DSLR out of auto mode and use it to the fullest potential. It breaks things down really well and I’d say that this book does a great job of covering much of the information that I’ve found spread out all over Pinterest in one place. It also contains tons of inspiring ideas to use as you take your photography to the next level. My favorite part of this book was the practical information about how to handle photographing various everyday situations.
     What I liked most about this book was that it didn’t waste anytime talking about which camera to buy or the basics of photography. It just delves straight into easy to consume tips. The book’s tagline is “228 Ideas, Tips & Secrets for taking the best pictures of your life” and it’s literally just that – 228 tips. It makes for an easy read and it’s great for when you only have a little bit of time here and there to read!
    This is definitely a book for someone with a DSLR and it’s the book that I’ve had the least amount of time to go through. It’s highly technical and definitely a great read for anyone interested in travel photography.
     I pulled this book off of the shelf because I was thinking of my friend Jenna (from A Savory Feast) and I thought she might like it. While this one does start with a lot of technical information about cameras it also does a great job of getting into different ways to style food and what props work well to tips for how to photograph food in a restaurant. The book is beautifully laid out and covers some good tips for blog photography that even I’ll be able to use as a travel blogger! I plan on recommending this book to my food blogging friends.
     Pretty much everyone has heard about this book. To be honest, it’s not my favorite of the bunch. It is however filled to the brim with photo inspiration and tips. Don’t expect a lot of technical information about cameras in this book, they’re all about talking about beautiful photos. It’s a book that makes a perfect coffee table book and is great for flipping through while you’re watching TV.