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    MLB Stadium #16 – Globe Life Park

    Now that we’re completely past the World Series I suppose I should finish posting about my last baseball stadium visit of the season, right? My last and final baseball stadium of the 2014 season was an unexpected treat. Oddly enough it’s also the stadium that most people would have guessed I’d visit in 2014 considering I was taking business trips to Dallas every three weeks for the entire baseball season.

    But alas, every trip to Dallas kept ending up being when the Rangers were out of town. It was really quick crazy how the timing was always¬† off. I’d resolved myself to the fact that I just wasn’t going to get the Rangers crossed off my list this year.


    And then an unexpected opportunity to take a training class in Dallas came up right at the end of the 2014 baseball season. And low and behold, the Rangers were going to be in town! Not only that, a bunch of my Tempe co-workers were going to be in Dallas at the same time and wanted to go to the game too.

    Now I have to say that the Rangers vs Padres is not exactly the most exciting baseball game to watch. Neither team was doing particularly spectacular this year. But Globe Life Park is gorgeous and I really liked the design so I loved going nonetheless.

    Globe LifePark

    This was the first time I’ve ever sat inside a suite – although it wasn’t your typical suite. Globe Life Park has what they call the Hyundai Club out in center field. It’s enclosed (and thus air conditioned!) and comes with food. Seeing as it was a hot Texas day and the price was right my co-workers and I ended up going that route.


    It was a bit of a weird feeling watching a baseball from a glass case while sitting in center field. And switching back and forth between the tables, walking around, and sitting in the plush movie theater type seats was even weirder. I’m so used to finding my seat and being in that section in one spot for the entire game.

    Globe Life Park

    All in all, I really enjoyed going to this game. It was my first baseball stadium that involved going with co-workers (my hometown stadium not included) and one of those co-workers had never been to a baseball game EVER before. He didn’t really get the full baseball experience by being in the suite but I’m happy that I got to be there to watch someone experience their first ever baseball game. And one of my other co-workers is a huge baseball fan so it was fun to have someone else with me that understands my love of visiting stadiums.


    I can’t say much about the food at the ballpark as all I ate was the all inclusive food in the suite which was nothing exciting. When I walked around they did seem to have a lot of good options so I’m guessing I would have been happy with the food.

    And like I said, I really loved the look of the stadium! I wish I could have gotten some pictures to do it justice but I only snapped a couple of quick pictures while I was there (sorry about the poor quality!).

    Globe Life Park

    Globe Life Park

    So to finish off 2014 I can now say that I’m up to 16 stadiums! That means that I added SIX stadiums to my list this year! So crazy. You can check out where else I’ve been here.