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    Black Friday Deals That I’m Taking Advantage Of

    This Black Friday has been a pretty fantastic one for me as far as finding good deals on things I wanted/somewhat needed. Just for fun I thought I’d share with some of my favorite people (ie my readers!) what deals I’ve been particularly excited about.

    Black Friday Deals

    Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. More info on what that means here.

    + Sony Alpha A6000 (Mirrorless camera)

    This was my big splurge of Black Friday and I’ve been eyeing mirrorless cameras for a while now. My DSLR is a Black Friday purchase from two years ago (I got it for a steal – read about it here) and while it’s still fantastic and I’m going to continue to use it I wanted something lighter for traveling. I’m pretty excited to see how things go with the new camera! I’m taking it to Newport Beach tomorrow to start using it!

    + Amazon’s 30% off any book

    I love that Amazon is offering 30% off any book for a discount of up to $10. I’m excited to read Jen Hatmaker’s new book For The Love.

    + American Eagle boots

    OK, before you roll your eyes about the fact that I included a pair of shoes on this list you have to realize that I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of tan boots (preferably booties) for a while now. I’m eyeing these and trying to decide if they’re worth it to me with the 40% off that American Eagle is offering. Thoughts?

    + Target

    This was the one store that I went to with friends to be there for the store opening on Black Friday. I grabbed a “Deal Buster” toaster oven (which totally makes me feel like an adult by the way), some DVDs, a sheet set (adulting yet again), and some workout clothes. Since all of their boots are 40% off right now I took a look there as well but ended up deciding to keep looking on their website since they’re offering free shipping on everything right now and it’s just less hectic that way.

    + Uber

    As you all know I’ve become a huge fan of using Uber when I travel (and even at other times). Uber AZ emailed all of us existing users an awesome referral link (or put in code “GG3313”) to share with people that will get you two free rides instead of just one! Happy Black Friday to all of us!

    + Skillshare

    I recently signed up for Skillshare because of how many bloggers I knew who were raving about it. There are so many photography and web design courses on there that I want to take that I’ve decided to start paying for a membership now that my free trial ran out. I was especially excited to find out I could download the courses to watch offline while I’m on trips! Score! Check out their Black Friday sale for 40% off a year here or get one free month here (plus I’ll get one free month!).

    + Feedly

    Feedly is the feed reader that I use everyday to keep up with all the blogs that I love. I have the Pro version of it and enjoy the extra features. Right now they’re offering 30% off a year of Pro.

    + Creative Market

    Creative Market is where I buy fonts, blog themes, and all sorts of wonderful digital items that I adore. They’re offering a 20% off deal right now and I always try to take advantage of those when they offer them around holidays.

    + Travel Blog Success course

    TBS is pretty much the go to course on travel blogging. They’re a big deal at all of the blogger conferences and very well known in the industry. I was hesitant to purchase their main course for a long time but finally bit the bullet and did so earlier this year. Over Black Friday the course is $25 cheaper than what I’ve paid and I’ve never seen it this low before. I also just purchased their brand new Bloggers, Brands & Tourism Boards course and I think it’s even more valuable than the main course. If you’re an established blogger I highly recommend this new course on working with brands!

    + Bluehost web hosting

    I’m currently using Dreamhost to host this blog but I’ve used Bluehost numerous times when working on client sites and highly recommend it. Their Black Friday pricing is the best I’ve seen all year and I’ve heard their Cyber Monday price is going to be the best of the year. If you’ve been contemplating transferring over to a self-hosted WordPress blog now is the time to lock in a fantastic price for 3 whole years!

    I’d love to hear what everyone else found on Black Friday! Leave me a comment below and share. =)