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    I’m a bit behind in regards to keeping things up to date on the blog. In my head I thought I had already posted this, but then I just discovered it in my drafts folder.

    Anyway, seeing as I use this blog as a scrapbook of my life I figure I should take a few minutes to make note of a couple of events.

    Somewhere in theIMG_20140616_221822[1] whirlwind that was the middle of June I turned 27. My birthday happened to fall on a bible study night, and my home group treated me way better than I deserved.






    IMG_20140620_182339[1]However, my real birthday surprise came later in the week. I got a flat tire. OK, so that wasn’t actually a birthday surprise, but it was unexpected. I came out of my office building fairly late on a blazing hot Friday evening to find one of my rear tires completely flat. I wish I had taken a picture of it while it was still on the car because it was definitely the flattest I’ve ever seen a tire. After lugging my laptop back inside and waiting the 45 minutes for roadside assistance to come and change my tire, I was finally making the 25 mile trip home… taking surface streets while driving a donut.


    And that’s when I got a call. A call from someone who will always makes me suspicious.

    “When are you going to be home? I mean…if you aren’t home right now, when will you be?”

    There was still broad daylight, so I figured they couldn’t be attempting to TP my house at that very moment. And then I actually fell for his excuse for why he was wondering if I was home. I’m not sure how I let my guard down, but I’ll blame it on the flat tire scenario messing with my logic.

    And when I finally arrived home, I was greeted with this:


    The Facebook message asking me what my favorite candy was. The text message from earlier that morning asking me when I usually get home from work. The phone call as I was driving home. It all started to click.



    They had hoped to surprise me by being there when I got home from work, but sadly that plan got nixed because of the flat tire delay. Nonetheless, the whole thing totally made my day! It was an awesome surprise to come home to.



    If I haven’t mentioned it before (<—that’s probably the most sarcastic thing I’ve ever said on this blog), I really love my Awana kids.  I’ve been in the process of trying to write a post about this last summer with “my kids” but I’ve been having a hard time putting it into words. Or maybe I’m just in denial about it. Either way, that post will have to wait for another day.

    Happy Monday!