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Opening Day 2014

Today, March 31st 2014, marks Opening Day of the MLB season. Most of you already know that I’m a big baseball and softball fan. And even more than my love of either of those things is my love of travel. My goal to visit every MLB stadium comes from combining my love of those two things, and this year is particularly exciting because of my new flight benefits. In previous years I’ve had the goal of visiting at least one stadium every season, and I’ve always accomplished that. In fact, I managed to visit a lot of east coast cities like Philly, Baltimore, and Boston and surprisingly have more stadiums on that side of the country than on my own side.

Now I have the exciting opportunity to squeeze a lot of stadiums in this summer. However, what I’m struggling to balance is visiting these stadiums while still getting to actually visit the city itself. There are four teams (the ones in San Francisco and Chicago) that are in cities that I’ve visited enough that I don’t care as much about seeing the surrounding area again. Those four stadiums are ones that I wouldn’t mind doing day trips to see since it would save me money on hotel costs. I’ve already started mapping out what Saturday or Sundays they have afternoon games that would allow me to do day trips.

But for most of the other stadiums I’m trying to figure out how to find the time and the money to actually get to see the city while I’m there. I’d like to visit St Louis for both the stadium and to see the city, the same goes for Houston. The same for a bunch of the cities. I’m mapping out how to best use my free weekends (which are few and far between when we start to get into graduation and camp season) to make some of these trips happen. I’m also starting to really dig into figuring out how to use my Marriott and other travel credit card rewards to make as many of these trips into cheapo trips as possible. Maybe one of these days I’ll do a post about how I’m managing to avoid paying for lodging whenever I travel.

I also think it was appropriate that on the eve of baseball season I got to watch an incredible softball game between U of A and ASU that went into extra innings. And yes, my Wildcats did win it!




Sorry for the terrible pictures from my phone.

I’m really excited about the possibilities for this summer. If anyone wants to join me for a weekend trip to visit a baseball stadium, be sure to let me know!

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