November Goals

November Goals

Apparently this was a bad month for me as far as focusing on my goals. For November I’m only going to do a couple of simple ones in order to make sure that I get them done. I’m also going to be gone for 10 days in Europe so I consider it a shorter month from a goals perspective.

Reviewing my October Goals
+ Go hiking regularly

Epic fail. =(

+ Paint the master bathroom

Another epic fail. =(

+ Start each day off with this prayer: “Lord, show me what I need to change in my life”

I didn’t do this as consistently as my prayer last month so I’m going to repeat this one for November.

+ Get to work on my t-shirt quilt

Another fail.

+ Keep up with the 1 & 2 Peter She Reads Truth plan

Loved it! Although I’m loving the current series on hospitality even more, especially now that they finally released their Android app!


November Goals
+ Find a good black waterproof jacket to take on my trip

Not to be confused with a waterRESISTANT one like I took on my last trip to Europe. Oy vey.

+ Learn some phrases in French

I have a cool app on my phone and a guide book for Paris with some phrases so I’m hoping I can master a few before I head over there.

+ Start each day off with this prayer: “Lord, show me what I need to change in my life”

Repeating this from last month.

+ Calorie count every day

I use My Fitness Pal and really like it. Even if I don’t manage to stay under a certain calorie limit every day I still find it really useful to know which areas I’m doing better in and worse in so that I can work towards changing them.

Looking forward to November being a great month!


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  • These are great! Is My Fitness Pal a free app? I should try something like that sometime. I have been eating a lot better and going to the gym, but it would be good to know where I’m at and how I can improve.

    • It is a free app! I actually use it from my computer more often than my phone because it’s really easy to add my meals for the day while I’m sitting at my desk, but the app is great too. It also has a feature where you can scan a barcode (from a box of crackers or something) and it’ll ask you what portion size you ate and it’ll automatically fill in all the info for you. Plus their database is pretty full so I never have to enter anything manually.
      It helped me lose a bit of weight last year but more than anything it really helped me see other issues (like the fact that I wasn’t getting enough protein).

  • Europe?! That sounds pretty amazing! November is always busy with the holidays approaching so keeping goals simple is the way to go for sure!

    • Too true! My December goals might only have two things on it. Ha! =)

  • Katie Garvin

    Whoa, sounds like you have exciting days in the near future. How neat, learning French! :-)

  • sounds like you have some great goals. I struggle with putting everything in myfitnesspal. I need to get to spending more time in the word.

  • I was consistent for a short time with using myfitnesspal, but I haven’t used it in a while. I think it is awesome that you are able to keep up with entering information into it. I like it when I remembered to use it. :)

    • It’s definitely something that I have to stay motivated about or I don’t do. I’ve already missed multiple days this week, but today I’m doing it again. I figure I gotta keep trying, right? =D Lol

  • I love monthly goals!! Way easier to stick to than year-long, if you ask me!

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