New Design is Live!

I took the plunge yesterday and moved my blog over to the new design! There are still more things that I want to tweak, but it’s going to be a marathon instead of a sprint. And there are a couple of things that are just plain not working (like the email subscription section over there in the side bar doesn’t actually subscribe anyone at the moment), but for the most part all of the major kinks have been worked out.

The new design is sparse in comparison to the last one, but I think that gives me a lot of room to play and add new features while also allowing the content to stand out and not have to compete with other things. I’m excited to see how the whole site ends up evolving, and I feel like the new design is more in line with where I’m hoping that the blog will end up going.

A walk down memory lane…

My initial blog, which was hosted on Blogger, looked like this:


And then in October of 2013 I moved over to a self-hosted WordPress setup and bought my own domain name:


And now the blog has taken on a new design!

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