Month’s End – November 2014

Snapshots from November

November Instagram

1) November means it’s election time. And of course I took my mail-in ballot to the polling place just so that I could get the sticker ;)
2) I officially crossed driving on the left side of the road off my bucket list!
3) My new favorite castle in Conwy, Wales
4) Spending the day with Danny (not pictured) & Brittany in York, England
5) Sacre Coure in Paris (the day with more staircases than you could imagine)
6) I never would have thought I’d get ice cream in the middle of winter but this turned out to be my favorite ice cream I’ve ever had
7) I’m loving this mug and it sums me up pretty darn well
8) Eiffel Tower!

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Good Finds

This wonderful list of blogging resources by my friend Jenna

This list of castles to visit in England & Wales

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These thoughts on Timothy Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage (which is one of my favorite books on the topic)



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  • It sounds like you had a great November! I am so excited to hear all about your trip. It was so fun to follow along with your Instagram photos. And THANK YOU for sharing my post!

  • Sounds like you had an AWESOME month!!! Loved following along on Insta! :) And THANKS for the shout out!!

  • I love that mug!

    • Me too! I found it on Etsy and sadly the seller seems to have shut down her shop so I can’t link everyone to it. =(

  • How did you find driving on the left hand side of the road? I found it really daunting at first when we lived in Scotland. Took me quite a while to get used to it.

    • Surprisingly I got the hang of it pretty quickly! I did almost have one mishap when I went I pulled off onto a small side road in order to turn around and when I came back out to the main street I was on the right side and almost made a right turn! Luckily I caught myself before it was too late lol.
      And being able to tell how close I was to things on the left side of the car was really hard! I’ll stick to the “correct” way of driving we have here in the US. ;)

  • Wow that castle is amazing! Been to England, Scotland and Ireland… now Wales is definitely on my list!

    • The little bit of Wales that I got to see was amazing! I want to take an entire trip just to visit Wales now. There are castles EVERYWHERE and I’m a sucker for castles. =D

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