Month’s End – August 2015

There’s something about going from August to September that makes me feel like fall has arrived. September is just such a fall month. Here in Arizona the temperatures don’t say that it’s fall but with school having started back up in August that means that summer was officially forced to an end. I’m going to hold onto every last ounce of summer that I can but I am excited for some of the fun things that are coming up this season!

August was all about getting back into the “normal” routine. Awana started back up, my project at work is in full swing, life has been busy. The one lone trip of the month was to Colorado for my cousin’s wedding which was a beautiful backyard wedding that I thoroughly enjoyed.


In August I published a post that I wasn’t expecting to get much of a response to. It meant something to me but I figured it would fall fairly flat in the social media realm. Low and behold it’s currently my 4th most shared post EVER from the blog and it has already made it into my top 10 posts for number page views. And it’s only 3 weeks old! If you missed my post on How I Afford To Travel As Often As I Do check it out and let me know what you think.

September is going to be a busy month and I’m excited for routines to settle into place. I have two trips this month (one road trip and the other is the Influence Conference!) plus family visiting from out of town in between. I’m also still working on the details for my big trip of the year (which is now less than 7 weeks away! eek!) in October. I have all of my Airbnbs booked but I need to nail down a couple of tours. Excitement is already setting in!

But first, we have September!

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