What I’m Loving – September 2014

Here in Phoenix we don’t really get much to celebrate when the first day off fall rolls in. We’re still dealing with triple digit temperatures and our trees don’t start the typical change of color like you see in a lot of other areas in the country. So right now I’m loving the idea of fall even if it doesn’t really feel like it just yet. ;)

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What else I’m loving…

I’m loving She Reads Truth Open Your Bible series. During day 10 they went over how to do a topic study and it has been my favorite day so far.

I’m loving learning my way around Photoshop Elements and getting to the point where I can do almost all of my photo editing in it without much hassle. I’m also learning how to do a lot of things I never knew how to do before and I’m excited by all the new possibilities.

I’m loving that TV shows are back into full swing now that it’s fall! I was out of town for eight days and came home to a TiVo full of TV shows to catch up with. I’m particularly excited about Dancing with the Stars and the final season of Parenthood.

I’m loving that I had the privilege of guest posting on two blogs! Both times about travel. Check them out here and here.

I’m loving that forward progress has been made with my granite counter top project. Even if the whole process is taking far longer than I ever expected.

I’m loving hiking weather! Temps in Phoenix have started started to flirt with the idea of hanging out in the 90s (and even in the 80s!) and I’m really excited to be able to go hiking on the weekends without feeling like I’m going to get heat stroke.

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