What I’m Loving – October 2014

What I'm Loving - October

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I’m loving makings my plans for England and Paris! My trip to Europe is officially the next trip on my calendar (and it’s less than a month away – crazy right?)! I had a Skype chat with my friends over there and I’ve been making reservations and learning phrases in French and just getting all around excited.

I’m loving this last season of Parenthood. I still can’t believe that this show has to come to an end. Boo hiss.

I’m loving Clinique bonus time. Am I the only one who always falls for their marketing ploys? I liked the Macy’s one that just ended (I think) better than the one they’re currently offering online, but I just like free Clinique in general.

I’m loving wearing scarves. Even if I can only make it through about one hour of the day before getting too warm and taking it off – I am going to start wearing them!

I’m loving that everyone keeps asking me if my phone is one of the new iPhones. It’s been pretty amusing. The only thing I like about iPhones are their form factor so if people want to mistake my beloved Android phone as an iPhone I’m alright with that.

I’m loving Francis Chan’s newest book. I’m only partway through it but hopefully when I finish it I’ll write up a blog post about it. So far it’s been absolutely fantastic.

I’m loving that Payless has one of my favorite pair of shoes in stock again! I live in these things once the weather gets cold. They’re like my winter equivalent of flip flops and they’re seriously cozy. Last year my old pair finally bit the dust and Payless was out of stock for the longest time before everything got replaced with spring stuff. I was so excited to find them in the store last week when I was there!

Happy Monday guys!

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  • That’s so exciting you’re going to Paris!!! My mom and I are hoping to get there in the next few years. Can’t wait to see a recap of your trip!

    • Thanks Carlee! I’ll probably be doing way too many posts about Paris haha.

  • Happy Monday! How exciting that your trip is coming up. I am looking forward to scarf wearing weather. Enjoy it :) I look forward to hearing more on Francis Chan’s new book.

    • Thanks Felecia! I really want to write a post about it so hopefully I’ll get it finished soon. =)

  • Hey Mandy, Tania here! That’s wonderful about Paris! Hope to seeing the photos from this trip on an upcoming blog post. Oh by the way, I’m loving….that I get to sport some new boots and try a new editorial calendar on WP! It doesn’t take much to make me happy as you can see! (LOL) Have a lovely day!! :-)

    • New boots always make me extremely happy! Hopefully the weather will cool off here in Phoenix soon so that I can start wearing my boots again.

      What editorial calendar are you using on WP? I use Edit Flow but I’ve been meaning to try out some others. Let me know if you find one you really like!

  • Here you go…
    The social media editorial calendar for WordPress, @CoSchedule. Sign Up Free!

  • England and Paris sound so amazing–totally envious! Also, Clinique and scarves? A pluses in my book! :)

    • Now just to combine all of those things and that would be a perfect day. ;)

  • I love Parenthood too and am so bummed it’s the last season! Although I missed all of the previous season because they stopped airing it in the UK, it wasn’t popular enough to keep it on. So I’m a bit lost anyway :)

    Where are you going in England? I lived in London for 6 years (up until 2 mos ago) – it’s the best city! Paris is amazing too :) There is a fantastic hot chocolate {chocolat chaud} at Angelina, a cafe very near the Louvre. Seriously – go. It’s deadly!

    • It wasn’t popular enough to keep airing in the UK?? That’s so sad! You should definitely get it on DVD so that you can catch up and watch this season. It’s been really good!
      And I just heard about Angelina yesterday and put it on my list! It’s good to have another person confirm that it’s worth going to.
      As for England, I’m going to be flying into Manchester and then visiting some friends in Harrogate and exploring York and a bit in that area before heading down to London. I’ll only get about a day and a half in London. Any recommendations? I’ve been there once before but there’s still so much I haven’t done.

      • So sad!!
        A day and a half…whirlwind tour! It totally depends on what you love to do…History? Tower of London! A great tour – also I don’t know if the ice rinks are up yet but you can ice skate there during the winter, it’s pretty awesome. What have you done already??

        • I haven’t done the Tower of London before and it’s actually on my list for this trip. And something I’m most excited about is seeing London at Christmastime so ice skating rinks would be fun. Are there any particular places that are must-see at Christmastime?

  • I’m so excited for you and your upcoming trip! Where have you made some reservations?? We went to Bistrotters in Paris, and it was the best dining experience I have had in my entire life. And, it was much more reasonably priced than many of the other fancy French restaurant options I found when looking around. I found it both through TripAdvisor and through two of my coworkers who had eaten there themselves.

    • Let’s see…for Paris I have my Airbnb apartment booked and a night bike tour (that also includes a boat ride on the seine!) but not much else. I forgot to purchase a eiffel tower ticket in advance so I’ll just have to wait in line for one while I’m there. =/
      Most of the stuff I’ll be doing in England doesn’t require reservations but I did decide to just stay in a hostel while I’m in London so I booked that. And my train tickets are booked. Oh and the rental car. Basically all of the logistics are done and now I just need to finish figuring out the fun stuff like what I exactly I want to do. I can’t believe it’s already getting this close! Eek =D

  • I loved reading this because we have so much in common! Scarves are my favorite accessory, and I have been breaking them out every time I get an evening that is under 70 here in Florida. I am re-reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan right now. I need to check out his new book next! England and Paris sound so exciting! Some friends of mine just went to London and their pictures and stories were amazing! I have always wanted to go but now I want to plan a trip very soon.

    • I’d love to hear what you think about Crazy Love when you’re done reading it!

      And if you need any advice when it comes to planning a trip to either Paris or London let me know. =) I’ve had so many friends giving me great advice about Paris recently and I’ll be able to road test all the tips when I’m there.

      PS: Work has been crazy but I’m done with my pager rotation tomorrow morning so I’ll be emailing you back tomorrow evening at the latest. So sorry for the delay!

  • October is my favorite ever!

  • Just stumbled onto your blog and so glad I found it! Yay for world travelers and another Christian friend. :) I will eagerly await your review on the Francis Chan book — I’ve been curious about it and it’s on my book list!

    • I’m so glad you found it too! How did you stumble upon it? =)
      And it’s always so exciting to find fellow Christian bloggers who love travel! I’m looking forward to checking out your blog.

      • Through the Influence conference giveaway on Oh Simple Thoughts — will you be attending? :) Would be awesome to meet you! Btw, I don’t know if you’re a fan of cheese, but Paris has an amazing cheese shop called Fromagerie Quatrehomme which also happens to be near a wonderful gourmet food shop called Le Grande Epicerie. You should check them out if you haven’t been. :)

        • My list of things to do in Paris keeps growing and growing! I’m going to have to start planning my 2nd trip already, ha!
          And I will be at the Influence Conference next year! It’ll be my first time and I’m really excited to finally get to go. Have you been to the conference?

          • Nope, I only just heard about it! That would be so cool to meet you there! Let’s make plans when the time gets closer. :)

          • Definitely! It would be so great to meet you.

  • I need to read something by Francis Chan asap! This is a great list, Mandy:)

    • I love everything that he’s written so far! Crazy Love would be a great one to start with =)

  • I love that you are planning your trip! Makes me want to start planning one too! I have never been to Europe before. Definitely a must, I’m sure! :)

    Just found your blog! Excited to follow along!

    • I’m so glad that you did find my blog Alycia! And the planning of my trips is sometimes almost as fun as the trips themselves because I love it so much. Lol! And I’ll probably be posting way too much about my trip after I get back so I hope they end up being ones that people like to read.
      And even more, I hope that you’ll be able to get over to Europe someday soon. =) I’m pretty in love with it from my limited experiences thus far.

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  • Love fall too! Haha about the phone. I went to a Galaxy after years of having an iPhone. Love it!

    • I’m definitely an Android lover! My sister has a Galaxy and seems to love it