What I’m Loving – October 2014

What I'm Loving - October

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I’m loving makings my plans for England and Paris! My trip to Europe is officially the next trip on my calendar (and it’s less than a month away – crazy right?)! I had a Skype chat with my friends over there and I’ve been making reservations and learning phrases in French and just getting all around excited.

I’m loving this last season of Parenthood. I still can’t believe that this show has to come to an end. Boo hiss.

I’m loving Clinique bonus time. Am I the only one who always falls for their marketing ploys? I liked the Macy’s one that just ended (I think) better than the one they’re currently offering online, but I just like free Clinique in general.

I’m loving wearing scarves. Even if I can only make it through about one hour of the day before getting too warm and taking it off – I am going to start wearing them!

I’m loving that everyone keeps asking me if my phone is one of the new iPhones. It’s been pretty amusing. The only thing I like about iPhones are their form factor so if people want to mistake my beloved Android phone as an iPhone I’m alright with that.

I’m loving Francis Chan’s newest book. I’m only partway through it but hopefully when I finish it I’ll write up a blog post about it. So far it’s been absolutely fantastic.

I’m loving that Payless has one of my favorite pair of shoes in stock again! I live in these things once the weather gets cold. They’re like my winter equivalent of flip flops and they’re seriously cozy. Last year my old pair finally bit the dust and Payless was out of stock for the longest time before everything got replaced with spring stuff. I was so excited to find them in the store last week when I was there!

Happy Monday guys!

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