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Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

Wondering what to get for that person on your list who loves to travel? Here’s a gift guide from a girl who can’t get enough of traveling!


Gift Guide for the travel lover


Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

+ Portable chargerThis little guy is the biggest lifesaver I can have with me when I travel. I’m never taking a trip without one of these ever again.

+ Luggage tag – This can make for a fun stocking stuffer or smaller gift. Find a nice leather one or their favorite sports team. These owl ones are pretty adorable too.

+ Etsy world map – I can’t think of a single travel addict who wouldn’t love to decorate their house with one of these.

+ Mini perfumes bottles (not the samples) – During the holidays most department stores offer a bundle of small perfume bottles. These are perfectly sized for travel and it’s a fun gift to receive regardless! I asked for the Clinique set a few years back because I love their Happy Heart scent and now I love having all the mini bottles to take with me.

+ Mini flashlightThis tiny guy one is useful in numerous occasions but it’s a no-brainer item to attach to the outside of your backpack when traveling.

+ Custom Etsy state print – I bought mine from this shop on Etsy. This is such a fun gift to get for someone who loves to travel. If they have a favorite state (ie where they grew up) it could be fun to get that for them with custom text. For me I love to have my “Home Sweet Home” Arizona print because it reminds me that no matter where I explore I’ll always come home to Arizona.

+ GoToobs – As I mentioned when I talked about my 8 essential items to pack for Europe, these things are the most amazing toiletry containers you can get. Once you try them you’ll never go back.

+ Laminated travel map – These are super handy to have both before the trip when looking at travel plans and when you’re on a trip itself. If you know where someone is headed to next it would be fun to buy them the map for that location. I have the London and Paris ones for my next trip!

+ Organizing bags – I feel like I can never have too many small bags for organizing things. These ones by eBags are great because they’re padded. Any toiletry sized bags that you can find at Target or Walmart would be great too.

+ Makeup brush roll – It’s the only way to travel with makeup brushes. I’m a fan of EcoTool items.


If you have any other ideas for what would make a great gift for someone who loves to travel please leave a comment below! I always love having more ideas.


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  • You have some really creative ideas here! I love finding a gift guide full of great ideas that I had never thought of before. Mini perfume bottles are such a smart idea!

    • Thanks Jenna! Writing this post reminded me that I had a couple of the bottles from last year that I haven’t been using so I got them back out and have been enjoying them again. =D

  • These are great ideas :) The mini flashlight definitely comes in handy, especially for people who like to go out into the wilderness!

  • Really great ideas!! The organizing bags are a really great for toiletries. And the makeup brush roll is a must have when traveling!! Great job! :)

    • I have way, way too many cute little toiletry bags and I love all of them. Haha! =)

  • With Christmas (and my December birthday) coming up soon, this is a great wishlist for me to get ideas from! I agree with all of these! :)

    • Yay! I’m glad you liked these items. And December must be doubly exciting when you have a December birthday =D

  • Love that makeup brush roll!! And not surprisingly, that Etsy print is fabulous!

    • I got my brush roll as part of a set and didn’t even care about it when I bought it. I can’t live without it now!

  • Tim

    As a guy I am really not in need of most of your essentials however completely agree with the mini flashlight; I can’t tell you how many times one of these little beauties has come to my rescue.

    • I keep one permanently attached to my travel backpack – definitely essential!

  • Elaine J Masters

    Nice collection of some unique items. Not your average travel gift list at all. Thanks.

  • Awesome collection. I’m a huge travel lover, and so is my bae. I absolutely want one of those maps to start tracking where we go. <3

    • One of these days I want to get a huge map up on the wall and start tracking where I’ve been. I think it’s such a fun idea =)

  • Vlad

    Great list, that portable charger is so cool, I need to get one of those ASAP! How efficient are they, though?

    • Mine charges my phone really quickly and has enough juice to charge the phone more than once. It’s nice to be able to use it for other devices besides my phone if needed (like my Kindle)

  • That looks pretty much like my house on Christmas morning! Most of our presents are travel related! I do need to get me some Go Toobs this year, are they really good?

    • I’ve been loving mine! I used to go through the cheap toiletry containers quickly as I kept having issues with them. The GoToobs haven’t leaked yet and they’re a lot easier to use (no twist-off caps involved). I love my set! =)

  • Nathan

    great list!

    • Thanks Nathan! And thanks for still keeping up with my blog!

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  • Love that portable charger. Might send this list my mom’s way for stocking stuffers!

    • That portable charger is so ridiculously useful! Once when I was getting on a plane to head home from Chicago my phone was about dead but I was able to continue to use my phone the entire flight because I had the charger.
      And I might just send this list to my mom for stocking stuffer ideas too. ;)

  • Great list! You thought of lots I didn’t think of in my traveler gift guide :)

    • Thanks Shane! I think both of our lists combined cover about everything a traveler could want. =)

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