Gift Guide for Her

I always have the hardest time figuring out what to get my girlfriends during the holidays or for their birthdays. Going the gift card route is somewhat of a safe bet but also really boring. I know that I always remember when someone takes the time to get me an actual gift instead of just a giftcard so I’m striving to do the same myself.

Here’s some fun ideas for females!

Gift Guide For Her


+ Scarf – I’m a huge fan of infinity scarves but any scarf is great. Bonus points if you can get their favorite color.

+ Kcups – I would love it if someone stocked me up on my favorite Kcups or bought me a sample pack. And for the friends who don’t have Keurigs there’s always the option of buying them a Starbucks giftcard (which is also a great solution for sending via email if you aren’t going to be seeing someone in person).

+ Washi tape – I feel like a girl’s desk isn’t complete unless she has a pile of washi tape rolls on it. Why not add to someone’s stash?

+ Pay for their Amazon Prime – This is a pricier gift but I know that I use my Prime account constantly. Who wouldn’t want theirs paid for a year?

+ Candle – The 3 wick candles by Bath & Body Works are my favorites but any candle in a glass jar makes a great gift.

+ A cute mug – Either a traditional mug or a travel one. I can never get enough cute mugs plus you can stick a giftcard or other coffee/tea goodies inside!

+ Custom state print – I’ve talked about these before and it’s because I love them. This isn’t an off-the-shelf item so your friend knows that you were thinking about them when you selected it. Get their home state in their favorite color. Here’s the Etsy shop that I use.

+ Phone armband – I’ve been wanting to get one of these myself for when I go hiking. Great for any girl who likes to work out.

+ Eyeshadow set – The Urban Decay makeup palettes are absolutely amazing and there are multiple ones to choose from so you can pick the one your friend would like most. With so many in the set they’re bound to at least like a few of them.

+ Journal – I love journals and I don’t know of any girls who don’t. Buy them a cute one at Target or a bookstore and write a personal note on the front page for them.

+ Season of TV show – Know anyone addicted to a TV show? Buy them the latest season on DVD! New seasons are often released right before the holidays so chances are they don’t have the latest one yet.

+ A cookbook – Appropriate to her situation (ie quick meals, meals for two, crock pot recipes, family friendly ideas etc)


I hope this helps you come up with some ideas for what to buy your girlfriends this year!

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