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Feedly vs BlogLovin

I always start my day out by catching up on whatever is currently in my feed reader. It’s usually as I’m sipping my coffee and trying to get myself to fully engage. To say I’m not a morning person is an understatement.

Anyone who’s ever used a feed reader before probably knows that the most popular one ceased to exist earlier this year. I loved the simplicity of Google Reader and was quite sad to see it go. Luckily, Feedly made for an easy transition and I’ve been using it ever since without complaint.

There are a lot of articles online about various options for feed readers now that Google Reader is gone, but I haven’t paid much attention to any of them since Feedly was working great for me. But recently I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about BlogLovin, which I found odd. When I first checked out the site I thought of it more as a social thing, or a place to see a list of popular blogs. But due to all the hoopla surrounding it, I decided to give it a try as a feed reader. I was easily able to import my list from Feedly (you export to an opml file which BlogLovin consumes pretty seamlessly) and off I went.

Pros of BlogLovin

  • It actually guides you through the posts via a toolbar at the top of the screen, so you view them on the actual website. This means you get to see the post in it’s full design glory, along with sidebars and whatever else is on the page.
  • ¬†There’s a social aspect to following Blogs via BlogLovin.
  • It’s a great way to find blogs similar to the ones that you already enjoy.

The Home Page


Moving Through Posts


BlogLovin seems to be popular with the female gender. Probably because it seems less technical somehow, although Feedly is rather simple to use. I believe that it was originally created for fashion blogs, so it’s designed to be more visual and focus more on the images. I also guessing that the social aspect of BlogLovin also appeals to the female gender.

I however, found myself preferring Feedly.

Pros of Feedly

  • It’s got a minimalistic style, which I prefer.
  • You don’t get bogged down with any poorly designed blogs or lots of ads since you’re just viewing the contents of the posts. Plus, things load quicker.
  • I find it easier to navigate.
  • It seems to have a good dev team working on it.
  • The Android app is superb (the BlogLovin one doesn’t even compare)

Magazine View


Card View


Title Only View (which is my default view because it looks the most like Google Reader did)Feedly2

I’ll be sticking with Feedly for my reading since it works so well for me, but I’m looking forward to using BlogLovin to find new blogs to follow that are similar to the ones I already like. I can see how some people would like the way that BlogLovin works, so it’s probably just personal preference.

If you’re curious about the Android app experience, here’s a side by side comparison.

Screenshot_2013-10-31-11-35-15 Screenshot_2013-10-31-15-31-12



If you want to follow me on BlogLovin, here’s an easy button for you:

Follow on Bloglovin

Or you can just pop the RSS URL into it or any other feed reader you like. At this point following my feed is the only full proof way to get updated about all the posts on this blog.

Happy reading!

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