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Closet Challenge

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talking about how they challenged themselves to either clean out their closets or how they just simply wanted to wear everything in their closets. For the last year or so I’ve been on a mission to clean out and update my wardrobe and I’m getting into what I would consider to be the final stretch. Awhile back on Young House Love I read about Sherry’s idea of a closet GPA. Basically, you want a closet full of clothes that you love to wear, and all those random items that you don’t really like but keep anyway are just bringing down your “GPA”. I’d never thought of it that way before and I found it a lot easier to get rid of stuff when I started to think about my closet that way.

So for my final push towards getting a closet that only has clothes that I’m excited to wear I’ve decided to do my own closet challenge. Instead of doing the hanger trick (turn all the hangers around, put them back the right way after you’ve worn an item), I’m going to use the empty closet in my spare bedroom to put clothes into after I wear/wash them. My goal is to not take anything back out of that spare closet until I’ve emptied out my actual closet. Hopefully this will keep me from continuing to reach for the same items and I won’t be able to do that if they’re not in my closet to begin with.

Closet Challenge - Making closet organization happen and cutting down my wardrobe

Some people set a goal of trying to wear everything in their closet within X weeks/months but let themselves repeat items in the process. I’m hoping to avoid any repeats for as long as possible. It’ll be interesting to see which items I run out of first. I’m guessing pants and work shirts.

I’m also predicting that my business trip next week might throw a wrench into this whole challenge. While I’ll be packing mainly dress clothes that I don’t normally have to wear in the Phoenix office, I also think it’ll be hard to pack for a trip without wanting to repeat shirts that I already wore from this week. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll probably consider packing for a trip as a bit of an exception.

Some basic rules

  • Re-wearing a pair of pants doesn’t count as a re-wear until after I wash them. I always wear my jeans more than once before I wash them.
  • Socks, underwear and accessories are not a part of this challenge.
  • I’m not planning on counting my layering tanks or my solid black Ts as part of this challenge since I need those in order to make so many of my outfits work.

I’m going to try to do this with my shoes as well…at least in the beginning. That may sound crazy to some people, but I seriously have way too many shoes. And yet I still wear the same ones over and over again. My goal is to move a pair of shoes to the spare closet after I’ve worn them twice with the hope that it will get me to wear some of the less used shoes in my closet. My tennis shoes obviously aren’t going to be a part of this challenge.

I had planned on completely catching up on laundry to start this challenge off, but I failed to get the final load done yesterday. I’ll finish it up tonight, but the outfit I’m wearing today is my first official outfit of this challenge.

This should be interesting!

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