Closet Challenge – Purging the Excess

Keeping my closet organized is going to be an ongoing process, but I can say that I successfully completed my closet challenge and gleaned not only some closet space but also some good reminders about my wardrobe!

Closet Challenge - Purging the Excess


Over a month ago I wrote about my plan to tackle my wardrobe by doing my Closet Challenge. Even though I finished my challenge and have been re-wearing clothes for over a week, I just now got around to finishing the purging of items from my closet. I currently have two trash bags full that need to be taken to Goodwill.

For those wondering, I did mess up and re-wear a shirt during week two of the challenge, but that was because I made the mistake of packing it for my trip and didn’t realize it until I got there, and it was too late at that point. I also quickly gave up on my idea of only wearing a pair of shoes twice before retiring them for the rest of the challenge. But everything else I stuck with and succeeded at doing.

Now I have to say, it felt good to go through my halfway empty closet and purge items with a vengeance. While there are plenty of things that got a pass simply because they’re still great items that I didn’t happen to need during that time frame (cardigans, dressier dresses, summer skirts, etc), I did find it a lot easier to say goodbye to things after doing this challenge. It was a lot easier to admit that I didn’t wear an item of clothing when I’d been looking at it everyday for over a week as I tried to get myself to wear my bottom of the barrel clothes.

One great thing about this challenge is that I ended up wearing some clothes that hadn’t seen the light of day in a long time, and it’s nice to have those items come into my regular rotation. Like bringing home new clothes except you didn’t have to pay for them (kind of)!

I would say that I had two big take-aways after the whole thing was said and done.

2 key things I took away from this challenge:
1) I need to focus more on buying work shirts – I have an abundance of pretty much every other category
2) I’m happier with my closet and it’s easier to figure out what to wear when there are less items

I started a new job at the beginning of 2014, and the job I’d had for the previous 3+ years had a ridiculously casual dress code which my wardrobe had started to reflect. Now that I’m back to needing more of a typical work wardrobe I’m realizing that I’m lacking in that area. I also realized that I have a ton of shirts in my closet, way more than I need, I just can’t wear most of them to work. I got really purge happy with some of my casual shirts because in reality, I should have a wardrobe that’s about 2/3rds work shirts and 1/3 more casual ones. That’s the ratio I’m going to strive for going forward.

I was also reminded of the fact that I have way, way too many shoes. I’ve decided that I’m OK with this fact. ;)

Another thing that I realized about myself that is more of a general thing is that I’m a creature of habit. I tend to reach for the same clothes time after time just out of habit. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but it means that I need to be more careful to only buy clothes that I’m really in love with that can immediately become something I want to wear all the time.

So in summary, if you find yourself looking at stuff in your closet thinking you’ll wear it but then you never do… I highly recommend trying a challenge like the one I just did. If you still aren’t wearing the item even after the challenge, just get rid of it. It’s not worth the space in your closet. Or if you want to do a mini version of this challenge, I recommend taking a look at what you’re willing to pack when you’re packing for a trip. I’ve found that I end up always taking my favorite clothes with me when I travel, so if items constantly get passed over when you’re packing, it might be a good idea to consider purging them.

The overall best part of doing this challenge? Less clothes in my closet means it’s easier to organize, and having an organized closet makes me seriously happy for some reason. I’m just a nerd like that I guess!

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