How To Keep Up To Date With The Blog

I’m a longtime fan of using RSS feeds to keep up with blogs and continue to get my daily dose using Feedly. But with the elimination of Google Reader it seems like the trend is heading towards the demise of RSS feeds. Almost none of the traffic coming to my blog comes from a RSS reader, although FeedBurner does show that I have a small group of subscribers. (Hello out there!) Since my RSS feed requires no work or maintenance, I have no plans to get rid of it, so my small handful of subscribers have no need to worry about that. However, I’m guessing that RSS isn’t going to be a popular option for new subscribers.

For awhile Facebook pages became the way that a lot of popular blogs were able to connect with their readers and update them about new content. Now Facebook is making it harder to get your page’s posts in people’s newsfeeds and is pushing towards paid updates. Not only am I not really interested in having another social media outlet to keep track of, I’m not going to pay in order to tell people that I’ve posted something new on my blog. Hence, there is no Facebook page for my blog.

I do sometimes post links to my new blog posts on my personal Facebook so that my friends see them, but I don’t do that with every post anymore. I also suspect that Facebook somewhat limits how many people’s feeds those updates get onto anyway.



Better Alternatives?

So how can you stay in the loop about new blog posts? I’ve decided to add the option to subscribe via email to be notified of when I post something new. I’ve set it up so that it only emails once a day (if there’s new content), and I rarely post more than a couple of times a week anyway, so it shouldn’t be too spammy of an option for people. It makes me laugh that the trend for keeping up with blogs is heading back towards email subscriptions because to me it seems a bit like stepping back in time, but who am I to fight the current trends?

Check out the “Get Emailed About New Blog Posts” area in either the sidebar (over on the right) or at the bottom of any page to get subscribed.

I’m also giving Twitter a second chance and plan to tweet links to new blog posts. If you’re a big Twitter person that’s probably your best bet for getting notified about new content.

Any of course, if you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ll see some updates here and there.

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