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Why Black Friday Is A Great Time To Buy A DSLR

When I first got my DSLR I had no idea how to use most of the buttons on it. Even taking pictures in auto mode seemed intimidating somehow. But slowly over the last year I’ve learned about this dial or that button and started to master things one step at a time.

There are still buttons on my camera that I have no idea what they do. There are icons on the dial that I’d have to look up what they mean in order to know. But I’ve learned how to take my camera out of auto and shoot in different modes and I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling quite accomplished by doing so.


Taking the plunge

Taking the plunge and deciding to purchase a DSLR was a big decision for me. It requires a good chunk of change. Last year I ended up waiting until Black Friday because I was hoping I could get a good deal on one…and I did. I was originally eyeing the Nikon D5000 series camera that was on the market. But then Best Buy put the Nikon D7000 on sale for about half of it’s normal price and I was sold. It was their featured DSLR for Black Friday. You can find it here if you want to see the specs:
Nikon D7000 on Best Buy (it’s going to be $799 during BF weekend)

It’s considered a “mid-range DSLR” and thus is a bit more advanced than what someone would need for a starter DSLR but I’m actually really glad that I started with it. I won’t be needing to upgrade to a more advanced camera down the road. This camera body is going to be able to do everything I could ever need to do as a non-professional photographer. Even though it costs more upfront to buy a slightly nicer DSLR it’s actually something I would recommend to people if they can afford it since it will be cheaper in the long run over needing to upgrade later.

I also really recommend buying a DSLR on Black Friday if you’re in the position to do so. All stores that carry DSLRs will have at least one deeply discounted on Black Friday. Best Buy has always been my go-to for electronic purchases of this sort. I did the whole lining up outside at 3 AM thing one year in order to buy my TV for a steal. But luckily last year I didn’t have to wait in line because Best Buy offered the DSLR in-store or online. I bought mine on the website and had the option to have it shipped for free or to go pick it up in the store. It was hands down the easiest Black Friday purchasing experience I’ve ever had.


Getting the hang of things

It’s amazing the kinds of pictures you can take once you step up from a point-and-shoot camera to a DSLR. As someone who loves to travel I’ve really enjoyed having better pictures from my trips. Even though there’s a bit of a learning curve I’ve enjoyed trying to figure things out. And when all else fails I put the camera into Auto mode and it takes pretty awesome pictures without any effort from me.

A lot of my knowledge has come from various articles that I found via Pinterest. I created a board where I like to pin articles that I found actually helped me learn something new about photography and/or how to use my DSLR. If you’re interested in the topic I highly recommend taking a look at some of the articles. You can check them out here:

In summary

If you’re wanting to purchase a DSLR then I’d highly encourage you to think about purchasing on Black Friday. Check out what Best Buy has to offer. Amazon is also a good bet. There are usually some really good deals out there from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. They’re worth paying attention to.

I’m in love with my camera and would recommend it to anyone wanting to make the jump to a DSLR. From what I can see in the early release Black Friday information it sounds like Best Buy is going to be doing the same sale on the D7000 this year! I believe it might be because they’re planning on phasing out the 7000 body in the near future. If you’ve been wanting a nice DSLR and it’s in your price range, you wont regret the D7000.

The D7100 is also another camera body that’s been introduced since I bought mine and it’s the new member of the mid-range family. However it doesn’t appear to be the featured one at Best Buy this Black Friday. I’m guessing it will end up deeply discounted somewhere this year though.
Check it out here on Best Buy
Check it out here on Amazon

And of course there are other models in the entry-level DSLR category that will be a bit cheaper. If you’re not as concerned about the extra features and want to save a buck then those might be worth looking into. And if you love Canon I’m sure that all of their DSLR categories will have a sale of some sort this holiday season.
All the DSLRs on Best Buy
All the DSLRs on Amazon

Best Buy also has a fantastic Lens Buying Guide that I’ve been consulting quite a bit recently as I debate which lens will be the first one I purchase outside of the kit lens that came with my camera. I’m leaning towards the 50mm prime!


Once you have a DSLR have a blast experimenting with it! And for those of you who already have DSLRs, which one do you own? Leave me a comment below and let me know if you like it!


PS: This post is NOT sponsored by anyone, I just really love my camera and Best Buy for Black Friday shopping and recommend them to all of my friends for electronic purchases.

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