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Arizona Bucket List

In honor of my birthday today I think it’s only fitting that I share my bucket list for my favorite place in the entire world – Arizona! There’s so much to do in this state that I’m pretty sure I’ll never be finished exploring. But it’s still fun to think about where else in my wonderful home state I’d like to visit so I figured a bucket list was in order.

I’ll be sure to continue to give updates as I cross some of these items off. In fact, there are a couple of items on the “completed” list that I’ll be posting about soon so stayed tuned for those posts!


My Arizona Bucket List

  • Chiricahua National Monument
  • North Rim of Grand Canyon
  • Raft the Colorado River
  • Four Corners
  • Camp at Havasupai
  • Camp at the bottom of Horseshoe Bend
  • Drive the largest stretch of Route 66
  • Kartchner Caverns
  • Go skiing in Flagstaff
  • Jerome
  • The Wave
  • Winslow
  • Old Tucson
  • Hike to the summit of Mount Humphreys (highest peak in AZ)
  • Ride the Grand Canyon Railroad
  • Tombstone, AZ

This list will probably continue to grow but for now these are my top things that I hope to accomplish!


Notable things that I’ve already done:

  • South Rim of Grand Canyon
  • Slide Rock
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Tons of other hikes in Sedona
  • Lowell Observatory
  • Hoover Dam
  • Salt River Tubing
  • The original London Bridge (Lake Havasu)
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Picnicked in Prescott’s Courthouse Square
  • Woods Canyon Lake (and Lynx Lake, Havasu, and a lot of other lakes)
  • Camped in Pinetop, Prescott, Flagstaff, Tucson…
  • Toured the U of A, ASU and NAU campuses
  • …and probably a bunch of other stuff ;)

Arizona Bucket List

What about you guys? Anyone have any Arizona destinations on their bucket list?

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  • All your fun weekend trips in Arizona are just making me want to go there so badly! Maybe next year once all the craziness dies down I can take a trip out there. Seeing the Grand Canyon is probably one of the top things on my travel bucket list. Rafting the Colorado River sounds like a blast, too!

    • If you can come to Arizona we’ll definitely have to make the Grand Canyon happen! I haven’t been in forever so I’d love to see it again too

  • I’ve got to get to your state! It looks beautiful with so many fun things to do!

    • You should come visit me! =D

  • Arizona is one of my absolute favorite states in the US! Nothing is more gorgeous, in my opinion, than Sedona.

    • Sedona is seriously amazing. I’m hoping to get to spend some time up there in July =)

  • So beautiful! In your opinion when is the best time to visit? (in terms of weather, etc.)

    • If you want to visit anywhere in the northern part of the state then pretty much any time of year is fantastic. Sedona has beautiful weather year round. Flagstaff will have great options for skiing in the winter as well as mild summer temps.
      If you want to visit Phoenix I’d recommend avoiding July or August and it can be incredibly warm. June can be pretty intense too, we’re expected to hit 115 degrees this week. That does make it a great place to visit in winter though. =D

  • Happy birthday!! I’ve never been to AZ (besides a quick layover at the airport), but it’s on my list! I’d love to go to the Antelope Canyon, and dreaming of those fancy luxury spas!

    • Thanks Rachel! Antelope Canyon is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who can make it up there! =)

  • I love, love, love this list! I can’t wait to do many of these things as well :)

    • I’m excited to see as more Arizona things start popping up on your blog in the near future! =D

  • So happy I found your blog! Getting excited to make the Arizona move in about a month. I’ve heard the blogging community in the Phoenix/Mesa area is superb.

    • I’m so glad that you found it too! The blogging community in Mesa is huge (honestly I think it’s largely because of the Mormon population in Mesa and because Mormons love to blog – lol!). I’m part of a Facebook group that hosts events for bloggers in Phoenix – message me if you’re interested and I can add you to it.
      And I live in North Phoenix but work in Tempe so once you get settled we should grab coffee sometime. =)

  • Yelena

    just found your blog – very interesting! I’m actually from Alaska and you should come visit! It’s gorgeous here :) I’m pretty busy with getting my Bachelors in Accounting at UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage) but you’re making me excited to be done with college and enter the real world! I took a U.S. West coast road trip this past summer and I absolutely loved Arizona! However, no matter how much you travel, you will never be able to visit every aspect of a particular place. Haha it’s pretty tough to see everything in AK since its so huge!

    • Alaska is high up on my list of places! It’s so massive that I’m having a had time figuring out where to start. My airline has a direct flight from my home airport to Anchorage though so that will probably end up being my starting point. Any advice on what to see there?
      And a west coast road trip sounds amazing! I’ve been all over AZ and Cali but it’s usually in small trips to one particular spot – it would be awesome to get to do a real road trip.
      Thanks for reading! =)

      • Yelena

        Well, Anchorage is our largest city and there are great places there alone. You’ll probably not be impressed with what the city has to offer (although it does have a cool “Alaskan vibe” to it) so the nature will probably impress you the most. In Anchorage, I’d say visit the Anchorage museum, bike the coastal trail (beautiful!), and walk the boardwalk at Potter’s Marsh (it’s a little outside of Anchorage but it’s a great viewpoint for wildlife). If you can, take a train to Seward — it’s one of my all-time favorite towns in Alaska. Since Seward is primarily a fishing town it has a lot of cruises you can take to spot whales, etc. or you can seakayak there if you’re more adventurous. I live in the Mat-Su valley which is a beautiful borough surrounded by mountains. In the valley, I’d go to Hatcher’s Pass and hike the April Bowl Trail–God’s creation is displayed amazingly there! Every year, we pick blueberries in the mountains of Hatcher’s Pass. Also, Talkeetna is a great place to go zip-lining- it’s a quite a bit out of Anchorage but still doable. I’d say those are my top suggestions knowing you don’t have like a whole summer to explore. Also, you should visit Church on the Rock in Wasilla if you’re here on a Sunday :) What time are you thinking on coming?

  • Nicole Moran

    Have you been to Tonto Natural Bridge up by Payson? I love it down under the bridge and over by the waterfall wall. It’s like your in a totally different world. My other favorite AZ places are Oak Creek Canyon, the Aspens up by Snowbowl, kayaking the Verde River, and Hannigan’s Meadow. I still have Mt. Lemon, exploring Benson and experiencing the monsoon in Patagonia on my AZ bucket list. Happy travels!