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9 Places To Visit In The Fall

If you’re like me and you live in a warm climate like Phoenix you’re probably finding it hard to believe that Fall officially started this week. I had to do a double take and check the calendar to make sure it was really true.

As sad as I am to say goodbye to my favorite season (summer) I am excited for cooler weather. I can hardly wait until boots and scarves are wearable again. I tried putting on a pair of boots the other day and immediately had to take them off because they were far too warm even inside with air conditioning. I’m also excited for better hiking weather (woo cardio!), pretending that the leaves are changing (ha!), and drinking coffee for the warmth and not just the life sustaining caffeine that it contains.

This week I’m teaming up with my friend Jenna to bring you guys Fall Welcome Week! We’re doing a giveaway so be sure to check that out here and enter to win some fall goodies including a Starbucks gift card.

Where To Travelin during Fall

9 Places To Visit In The Fall

Today I’m giving you guys 9 places that I think are perfect for fall travel. As someone who doesn’t get to see a lot of changing colors here in Arizona I get really excited about visiting places where you can. Here are some locations that I think are perfect for fall!

1) Boston

Whenever I think about fall colors I think about Boston. Not only is this city brimming with US history and tons of things for both families and solo adventures to do it’s also stunning in the fall.

2) San Francisco

One of my favorite cities in the world I always love a good visit to San Fran. Not only will fall mean less tourists it also means enjoyable weather before winter sets in. The perfect season to take a boat tour out to Alcatraz!

3) Paris

I had the pleasure of visiting Paris in the fall last year and it was a beautiful time to be in the city. Taking an iconic picture of the Eiffel Tower with beautiful fall leaves all around you? Priceless.


4) Aspen, CO

When a city is named for the trees you know it’s the perfect place to visit in fall. From what I’ve heard it’s best to visit during September or early October to avoid arriving to a bunch of barren aspen trees. And even better is avoiding the large crowds that arrive there every winter!

5) New York City

You can’t get much more classic than Central Park. Enjoy a good walk around with less tourists and enjoy a warm coffee while wearing a cute pair of boots.

6) Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the best cities I’ve visited as far as enjoying nature and spending time outdoors. Can you imagine biking around Stanley Park in the fall? Or exploring the outlying areas around Vancouver? Sounds amazing to me.

7) Melbourne/Sydney Australia

In case you live in an area where fall means freezing temperatures you might instead prefer to retreat to warmer weather. Where better to go than the southern hemisphere where you can enjoy spring weather instead!


8) Smoky Mountains (NC & Tennessee)

I’m not sure there’s a much better way to see an abundance of different trees in all their changing fall glory than in the smoky mountains. This is one location where the later part of fall is the perfect time to visit. Aim for October or November.

9) Napa Valley, CA

Last but not least,this list wouldn’t be complete without one more west coast option. Napa Valley is quite possibly the best display of fall colors in California and a fantastic place to visit year round.

9 Places To Visit In The Fall

Do you have a favorite place to travel to in the fall?



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  • Mar

    Those birch trees are beautiful! One of my favourite places to visit in the fall when we lived there was Denali National Park in Alaska. Fall comes much earlier up there, but it’s still just as stunning!

    • I’ve heard such amazing things about Alaska! It’s on my bucket list for sure. What time of year do you think would be the best time for a first time visitor?

      • Mar

        My favourite time up there is the end of June/beginning of July. You get the warm summer temps and the long days. The midnight sun is definitely a must see. But, if you’re into colder weather, March isn’t so bad either. While the darkness isn’t a huge hit with everyone, if you’re lucky, you might get to see the lights!

  • I have to say that while Boston is pretty in the fall, I was a little disappointed in it after seeing Vermont in the fall. That was breathtaking! Boston was fun, but just pretty compared. :)

    • Vermont would be absolutely stunning in the fall – so true! I’ve never been there but it’s on my list of places. =D

  • I would love to visit New York City in the fall!

    • Right?! ;)
      I love NYC any time of year but I think fall is probably my top choice for when to visit.

  • You have some great ideas on here that I never would have thought of! Florida doesn’t get the season change and Fall colors either, so I love traveling this time of year. My grandparents have a house in the smoky mountains so I’ve seen the season change there a number of times. It’s gorgeous! I love hiking up to the top of a mountain there and just seeing all the colors everywhere. We are going to north GA for our honeymoon so we are hoping there is at least a little bit of color left.

    • I’ve never been to Georgia so I’m excited to see your pictures after you come back! I’m guessing there will still be some fall colors left when you’re there – fingers crossed!

  • I never would have thought of Paris as a place to visit in the fall; great idea! That picture is so gorgeous! I love getting up to the mountains in the fall — I haven’t been to the Smokies, but have visited other parts of the Appalachians during the fall, and the colors are phenomenal. Hoping to do a quick getaway to Michigan to see the fall colors in a few weeks! :)

    • I’ve never been to Michigan but I’m guessing the fall colors there would be spectacular as well! Will it be your last getaway before the baby arrives? =)

      • Indeed! We actually decided yesterday not to do it — haha! But we are hoping to do a couple of a really fun dates in Chicago before she arrives. :)

  • Such pretty places!

  • All of these sound amazing! I’m actually doing a quick trip to Boston next month. Love the northeast in the fall!

    • Yay! I hope you have a blast in Boston =D

  • I want to go to the Smokey Mountains again. It was so pretty.

    • I’m jealous that you’ve been able to go! *sigh* So many places…so little time ;)

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