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5 Essential Apps for Travel in Italy

If you’re anything like me you use your phone constantly when you travel. From navigating to documenting I was constantly reaching for my phone when I was in Italy. And while a lot of the apps I used were my everyday ones (Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, etc) there were a few that I found particularly useful for Italy. Enjoy!


My top 5 recommended apps for Italy:


+ Google Translate (Android / iOS)
This app is handy regardless of which country you’re traveling in. The key is to make sure to download the Italian language for offline use (although I had a SIM card) just in case. I would look up how to say something in Italian and I often used the scan feature to scan a restaurant menu to figure out what it said. Very useful indeed!
+ Train Timetable (Android)
This app is fantastic if you’re going to be taking any train while you’re in Italy. And Italy’s train system is also fantastic so I highly recommend trains as a mode of transportation while you’re there. I used the app to check train times and more importantly to check which track my train was leaving from. You can of course do this using the boards on the train station but it was really handy to be able to just do it on my phone.
One other feature that I wasn’t expecting but found incredibly useful was that when I was on a train I could check on the status of my train and see exactly where it was at, how many more stops there were before my stop, whether we were on time, etc. Some of the train cars had monitors that showed this kind of information but a lot of them didn’t so I really appreciated having a way to get that information myself. Being able to see where exactly I was along my route gave me peace of mind that I wasn’t going to miss my stop.


+ Google Maps (Android / iOS)
This one seems really obvious and you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just consider it one of my normal everyday apps (which it is). I wanted to call it out on this list because I took the time to download chunks of the maps for the areas that I knew I would be in (the central part of Rome, Florence, etc) just in case I was ever without internet. Having areas I could use offline meant that I could at least pinpoint my current location using GPS if need be. If you aren’t going to have a SIM card I highly recommend downloading chunks of the maps to your phone. And if you are going to have a SIM card (like I did) I still think it’s useful because the maps load much faster when using downloaded data instead of pulling data down over the network.


+ Triposo (Android / iOS)
This app is great because it can be used offline and provides ideas for sightseeing, where to eat, etc. So great for using out and about to figure out things to do or to look up reviews.


+ TripAdvisor (Android / iOS)
I love this app for the same reason as the Triposo app and TripAdvisor is my top source for checking hotel/hostel reviews. I also found it to be the best app for looking up restaurant recommendation that were nearby. When I’m at home or traveling within the US I use Yelp as my source for looking up great places to eat but on this trip I found that the TripAdvisor app was much more reliable for looking up options while in Italy. For some reason the Yelp just fell really short in Italy.


5 Essential Apps for Travel in Italy

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