26 Things I Learned or Was Reminded of During My 26th Year

26 Things

I learned/was reminded that…

  • I love Europe as much as I always thought I would
  • There is no such thing as job security
  • Airports make me happy
  • Your church is going to fail you sometimes
  • I hate, hate, hate job interviews
  • Satan walks about like a roaring lion
  • My AWANA kids are seriously amazing
  • I never get house projects done
  • Some of the most valuable friendships I’ll ever have are the ones that can always pick up where they left off
  • Sometimes TPing someone’s house can turn into one of the funniest turn of events ever
  • 2013 just wasn’t my year
  • Airline employee flight benefits are the best job perk ever
  • There’s no such thing as getting your needs met through a ministry without you investing part of yourself into that ministry
  • I own way too many shoes and I’m OK with that fact
  • That Jesus + Nothing = Everything
  • Some room in my house is always going to be covered in dust because I never keep up
  • That James truly is my favorite New Testament book
  • Amazon Prime is amazing…and dangerous
  • I’ll always be a California girl
  • I don’t hate Twitter…actually I kind of like it now
  • I’m allergic to penicillin
  • Even though I crave adventure and big changes, I really am a creature of habit
  • SNA is my favorite getaway airport
  • Hyundai is my car brand of choice for a good reason
  • Owning a house is expensive
  • God is good


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