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2014 By The Numbers

Reflecting back on an entire year is both fascinating and daunting. I love how January is always a month that makes me feel motivated to start making things happen and it’s usually the reflecting back on the previous year that stirs up some of that motivation.

2014 By The Numbers - Mandy Living Life

I’m a lover of numbers and statistics so it should come as no surprise that my yearly “By The Numbers” posts are some of my favorites. This year I decided to go all out and make an infographic to make things even more fun since all of the travel statistics were pretty big!

Some other numbers:

Birthday celebrated: 27th
Number of blog posts: 76
Number of insurance claims: 1 (But this time it was just a new windshield and nothing house related!)
Number of major house updates: 0 (2015 will be the year!)
Number of mission trips: 0
Number of nights spent away from home: 53
Number of MLB stadiums added to my list: 6 (!!!)
GWC Camper applications processed: 83
Years at camp: 17
Years at Summit: 4
Number of U of A sporting events attended: 1
Number of job changes: 0
Number of weeks spent unemployed: 0 (Technically I was unemployed for 1 day)
Number of weddings attended: ??? A lot
% of mortgage principle paid down: 4.5%
Credit card rewards: $1,450 (Woohoo Marriott card)


Do you have a blog post summarizing 2014? Leave the link in a comment – I’d love to check it out!

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  • That map and your infographic is so cool! I may be weird, but I love “by the numbers” posts. It’s crazy to see how many miles you flew and hours you were in the air. Your 2014 seems like a great year. I can’t wait to see what is in store for you in 2015!

    • You’re not weird at all, at least not by mind standards. ;) I find myself always looking at people’s “by the numbers” posts even if they aren’t normally a blog I follow. There’s something fascinating about seeing everything compiled and summarized.

  • So neat, loved this!

    • Thanks Whitney! =)

  • This totally doesn’t surprise me. ;) Thanks for reading!

  • Hi Mandy, Thanks for checking out my blog. I love your blog and this post is a great way to share what you have been up to. I look forward to reading more.
    God Bless – Kimberley

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