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2013 By The Numbers

The start of a new year is a bit more poignant for me this year than normal. The anticipation of starting a new job combined with starting the hunt for a new church and “rebooting” my main ministry into a new non-profit organization has given new meaning to starting the year fresh. Other than my place of residence, it feels like very little in my life is the same as what it was just two months ago.

But all of that is in the future, and I’m trying to cover it with as much prayer as possible. Before stepping into 2014 I’d be amiss not to take a look back at 2013. For me, it was the year of travel, which makes me incredibly happy. It was also a year with a fair amount of down moments. Looking back on some of those moments, I’ve been reminded about how God can use those situations to draw us closer to Him. And some of those down moments create some pretty big opportunities for Him to bring redemption in 2014, so that’s exciting to think about.

Without any further ado, I give you my usual year in numbers…

Birthday celebrated: 26th
Number of blog posts: 26
Number of insurance claims: 0 (Woot!)
Number of major house updates: 2 (Neither of which were the project that I had house money budgeted for)
Number of mission trips: 0
Number of times I boarded an airplane: 15
Number of stamps added to my passport: 2 (England & Ireland. Scotland & Northern Ireland didn’t get to leave their mark)
Number of new major US cities added to my list: 2 (Boston & Portland, which were my top two at the start of the year. Both trips were unexpected)
Number of nights spent away from home: 44 (Is that not crazy?!? Only 3 of those days were during my two months of unemployment)
Number of MLB stadiums added to my list: 1 (Fenway)
GWC Camper applications processed: 82
Years at camp: 16
Years at Summit: 3
Number of U of A sporting events attended: 2 (This number makes me sad)
Number of work conferences attended: 1
Number of job changes: 1
Number of weeks spent unemployed: 8 (It’s crazy to think that I spent 1/6th of the year not working)
Number of weddings attended: 3…I think
% of mortgage principle paid down: 3.99%
Current gain/loss of my investment account: 65% (SBUX is good for more than just coffee)
Credit card rewards: $1,020

I’m not big on resolutions, but I did find this list to be a great one: 40 Resolutions to Consider Making in 2014
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