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2012 By The Numbers

Birthday celebrated: 25th
Number of blog posts: 33
Number of insurance claims: 0! Woot!
Number of police reports filed: 0. Again, woot!
Number of major house updates: 1 (Master bath remodel)
Number of mission trips: 0 =(
Number of trips taken by plane: 3
Number of stamps added to my passport: 0 =(
Number of new major US cities added to my list: 1 (Philly. If you count Spokane, then 2)
Number of weddings attended: 2 (One of which I was a bridesmaid in and the other was out of state)
% of mortgage principle paid down: Hmm, good question
New percentage rate after mortgage refinance: 3.25% (down from 5%)
Number of MLB stadiums added to my list: 2
Number of job changes: 0 (Technically I did switch positions within the same company)
Current gain/loss of my investment account:
Credit card rewards earned: ~$400 (my weakest year yet *sigh*)
GWC Camper applications processed: 78
Years at camp: 15
Years at Summit: 2
Number of U of A sporting events attended: 1 (So sad)

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